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Top 10 Big Data Conferences 2019

The new year is here, and data professionals should start scoping out the big data conferences 2019 has in store. Attending conferences is critical for making new contacts and staying abreast of the latest developments, and it’s essential for anyone in a leadership or data handling role.

Big data and the many enterprise applications it supports are evolving at a breakneck pace. With so many events to choose from, it can be difficult to prioritize. To make it a bit easier, here is a lineup of 10 events that promise to deliver actionable insights for big data professionals on both the business and technology sides. Whether you’re interested in monetizing your big data assets or using them to power the next generation of artificial intelligence technology, there is something for you.

AI and Big Data Expo

The AI and Big Data Expo (Nov. 13–14) in Santa Clara, California, explores big data in the context of one of its most popular applications: artificial intelligence (AI). Targeting everyone from IT decision-makers to venture capitalists, it features dedicated tracks focusing on data analytics, using AI for enterprise digital transformation, big data strategies, and big data for industry applications.

To give attendees more educational opportunities, the organizers have located this event alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the Blockchain Expo, and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo. Together, these events are predicted to attract 13,000 attendees who will learn how to apply big data across a wide variety of enterprise use cases.

Big Data Toronto 2019

Featuring more than 4,000 participants, the Big Data Toronto conference (June 12–13) is an important event among the big data conferences 2019 will bring. It covers technologies like predictive analytics, advanced machine learning, data governance, and Hadoop.

This year, the conference is colocated with the AI Toronto experience, enabling attendees to learn how data is fueling the latest machine learning and deep learning applications.

The Data Science Conference

While many conferences cater to techies and business executives alike, the Data Science Conference in Boston (May 23–24) is aimed squarely at data science pros. The four-year-old event aims to put the “science” back into data science and has no sponsorship, advertising, or sales sessions. While other conferences often have more of an expo feel, this event is tiny, with around 200 speakers. It’s a select event for data scientists, predictive analysts, machine learners, data miners, and AI practitioners.

DataWorks Summit

The best way to tackle big data architectures and applications is to learn from those who have already blazed a trail. Hortonworks’ DataWorks Summits in Melbourne (Feb. 6), Barcelona (March 18–21), and Washington, DC (May 20–23) bring together industry leaders to share their big data success stories and describe their processes.

Learn about the business advantages on offer from big data applications and get a heads-up about the challenges you’ll face in your big data journey. The summit series features Community Showcases that enable companies to share their experiences, along with crash-course sessions to help bring technology professionals up to speed on the latest topics.


The 2019 DATAx series of big data conferences is organized by the media company Innovation Enterprise. It spans the calendar from March through October, and ranges across the globe from San Francisco to New York, London, and Singapore. These conferences feature data strategy advice from CDOs, CTOs, data scientists, and IT developers. Business executives can learn how to use AI across a range of sectors, including finance and smart citiesx

Enterprise Data World

Over its 23-year-history, the Enterprise Data World conference in Boston (March 17–22) has proven itself to be a go-to event for anyone interested in managing and capitalizing on large amounts of enterprise data. This event offers three days of tutorials and workshops from more than 1,000 professionals in big data and related technologies, including professional certification training. Expect to learn about subjects ranging from data governance and ethics to metadata management, data security, and big data monetization.

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2019

Gartner is a leading light in IT market analysis and technology forecasting. Its data conferences cover the use of big data in a range of technologies, including machine learning, blockchain, VR/AR, IoT, and digital twins. The summit series takes place in Sydney, London, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, and Orlando, Florida, from February through June. The company’s justification letter tool is especially helpful to convince your boss that you should go.

Predictive Analytics World

Focused on the use of machine learning and big data for predictive analytics, this series of conferences brings together Fortune 500 companies to talk about how they use big data to create predictive analytics models for charting future trends. Speakers at these events in Las Vegas (June 16–20), London (Oct. 16–17), and Berlin (Nov. 18–19) will describe how companies can use big data to create actionable business intelligence across a broad range of public- and private-sector environments like banking and retail.


The publishing company O’Reilly hosts conferences no one would want to miss. Its Strata series, taking place in San Francisco (March 25–28), London (April 29–May 2), and New York (Sept. 23–26), mixes technology and business advice within a number of sessions that cover business applications, data science, and data engineering.


TDWI has been educating executives and technology professionals since 1995. The organization hosts tech-focused data conferences alongside analytics strategy summits for business executives, meaning that companies can get a holistic view of how to wrangle big data and then use it to create business insights. TDWI offers conferences across the U.S. from February through November.

With so many options to choose from, the biggest problem you’ll face is deciding which big data conferences to attend in 2019. One thing’s for sure, though: You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Ready to start planning for your 2019 big data conference circuit? Learn more about DataWorks Summit today.


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…and Big Data LDN on 13-14 November 2019,

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I will join it

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and in San Francisco, Barcelona, Singapore and New York City all in 2019

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