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Be First Insights

About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

22.February 2018

Open Source and Smart Mobility in the Transportation Industry

Major players in the transportation industry are leveraging open source projects to facilitate smart mobility through integration with big data platforms.

21.February 2018

Insurance and Machine Learning: A Partnership That Offers a Competitive Advantage

Disruption is affecting insurance, and machine learning is both the cause of and the cure for that disruption.

15.February 2018

Why the Impact of Big Data Extends Further Than You Think

The impact of big data extends far beyond IT, touching many areas of business. The problem is that executives are not always aware of these projects.

14.February 2018

The GDPR and Its Impact on the Borderless Economy

To satisfy customer concerns, the EU’s GDPR requires businesses operating in the borderless economy to improve their data operations.

13.February 2018

Big Data and the CEO: A New, Important Relationship

Businesses are being roiled by the ascendance of big data, and the CEO is being asked to calm the resulting turbulence by leading the overall strategy.

9.February 2018

How Using Big Data in Manufacturing Provides a Competitive Advantage

By improving your capabilities around big data in manufacturing, you can secure a competitive edge in productivity and customer satisfaction.

7.February 2018

Driving Customer Engagement Through Big Data and Music Discovery

Big data and music may seem like an odd pair, but live-streaming services are driving customer loyalty and engagement with this winning combination.

11.January 2018

Startups Can Leverage Big Data for Big Results

To be competitive, modern startups must leverage big data. By gaining insights into customers or their own operations, they can stand out and make waves.

10.January 2018

Three Predictions About the Future of Big Data in 2018

Is your enterprise ready for the future of big data? Here are three predictions about what 2018 will hold and how you can prepare.

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