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Be First Insights

About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

21.November 2017

The Insights You Gain From Mobile Data Collection

Adopting a strategy for mobile data collection helps your business stay competitive by tailoring your customers’ experience to their individual needs.

20.November 2017

Measuring Big Data ROI: A Sign of Data Maturity

As big data projects grow larger, investment can approach millions or more. At this level, figuring big data ROI becomes a critical calculation.

10.November 2017

The Secrets to Building a Successful Big Data Team

To build a successful big data team, you need a dedicated resource center and passionate candidates who have the knowledge or the enthusiasm to learn.

9.November 2017

What Has the History of Big Data Taught Us About Its Future?

The history of big data is full of promise, but many companies see nothing but hype. Separate fact from fiction to learn where the value of data lies.

8.November 2017

How to Improve Customer Service Using Big Data Analytics

Knowing how to improve customer service with big data analytics gives businesses a wealth of opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

7.November 2017

Thinking Beyond Traditional Data Life Cycle Management

As a company uses big data to assist in various business needs, understanding data life cycle management becomes increasingly important.

31.October 2017

Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise Takes Dedication

In order to become a data-driven enterprise, you must commit to integrating data into all facets of operations. That’s the only way to derive true value.

25.October 2017

What Should You Look for in a Big Data Partner?

When looking for a big data partner, you should care about more than just years of experience. A committed user base and varied use cases matter as well.

25.October 2017

Meet Your IoT Security Challenges With an End-to-End Strategy

Enterprises can best tap the wealth of opportunities that IoT offers by using an end-to-end solution to head off complex IoT security challenges.

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