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Be First Insights

Big-Data-Analytics und -Lösungsempfehlungen

Über Be First Insights

Willkommen bei Be First Insights. Hier finden Sie Analysen, Forschungsergebnisse und informierte Empfehlungen von führenden Experten.

17.October 2018

The Importance of Dynamic Big Data Planning

Big data planning is crucial to your digital success. Your data strategy shouldn’t be written once, and then set in stone; instead, it must evolve on a regular basis so that your business can use information to create a competitive advantage.

16.October 2018

Data Science and Deep Learning With Containerization Software

The ease and portability of containerization software, and the accelerated processing of GPUs, are enabling and democratizing deep learning.

8.October 2018

How Financial Data Analytics Reveal Risk and Opportunity

Financial data analytics using big data can reveal areas of risk and opportunity for financial services firms.

8.October 2018

How Big Data and the Connected Car Are Driving Connected Communities

Connected cars are giving rise to connected communities and customer experiences. And big data is the foundation for it all.

3.October 2018

This Big Data Business Strategy Is Your Formula for Success

Your big data business strategy is just the starting point if you expect your business to achieve long-term success.

4.September 2018

Mapping the AI Trends of Today and Tomorrow

AI’s time has finally come, but we shouldn’t expect to see sci-fi scenarios tomorrow. Here are the AI trends that are a reality now, and what we can expect in the future.

1.September 2018

The Future of Cloud: Businesses Must Adopt a Data-First Strategy

Executives considering the future of cloud should adopt a data-first strategy—rather than a cloud-first strategy—as the basis for the application of workloads across an integrated infrastructure.

29.August 2018

Big Data and Manufacturing: Creating a Responsive Business

By harnessing the power of big data and manufacturing in harmony, your business can learn from the past to take game-changing action in the present.

28.August 2018

Using Big Data for Financial Fraud Prevention

Financial institutions are investing more in financial fraud prevention solutions. Data can be an effective weapon in the fight against fraud.

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