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Be First Insights

Big Data Analytics and Solutions Advice

About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

11.June 2018

The AI Strategy CEOs Need to Consider

Today, data drives most business decisions. CEOs need a clear AI strategy to stay competitive using big data and machine learning.

8.June 2018

How AI and Mobile Technology Are Changing Retail

AI and mobile technology are changing customer experiences by using consumer data to enable hyper-personalized services.

6.June 2018

Three Things We Learned About Big Data Applications From DataWorks Summit Berlin

Here are three big takeaways on big data applications from the recent DataWorks Summit Berlin.

31.May 2018

Predictive Analytics Software Prevents Downtime for Manufacturers

Downtime impacts a manufacturer’s efficiency and bottom line. Predictive analytics software allows for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime.

29.May 2018

Five Big Data Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Strategy

These five common big data mistakes can prevent organizations from realizing the myriad benefits and competitive advantages a big data program can provide.

24.May 2018

Protecting Data: How to Adapt to the GDPR

After the advent of the GDPR, companies that are smart about protecting data will find themselves at a distinct competitive advantage.

24.May 2018

How Are Industries Using Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics enables enterprises to see into the future by using advanced machine learning algorithms to derive insights from massive data sets.

23.May 2018

Big Data and Weather: A Sunny Forecast for Businesses

Businesses are combining big data and weather analytics techniques to find new insights that can help them maximize efficiency.

2.May 2018

Multi-Location Data Management Is a Competitive Advantage

A multi-location data management strategy is a must for companies with data spread across different locations.

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@hortonworks: What are the botnets we are trying to stop? All sorts of things- your coworkers computer, your father-in-laws ancie… https://t.co/XYF72QWIiH

@hortonworks: Will your results match those of the #DWS18 attendees? What is your tool of choice to build streaming applications?

@hortonworks: DataPlane Service builds on the innovations of the Apache Community projects and brings them together - @srikvenkhttps://t.co/SWvKUD30eA

@hortonworks: #Data in the #Cloud crash course at #DWS18. So in-demand we had to have 2 sessions! https://t.co/yaPbekQrcl

@hortonworks: “Close to 60% of public cloud users are using multiple cloud providers. “ @maslett #DWS18 #cloud #data https://t.co/Z49pnBHxTN