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October 02, 2018
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Celebrating Our Customers’ Success on CX Day 2018

Today we’re celebrating Customer Experience Day! This is a day to celebrate the people and companies that make great customer experiences happen and to recognize great customer work.

We have over 1,400 different customers across every industry, all with unique stories to tell, solving difficult business challenges.

Not only are they putting these technological solutions in place to solve these mission critical challenges, our customers are achieving tremendous business value ranging from reduced costs, deeper insights, faster time to market, and increased revenue.

Here are some of the many customer wins we are seeing:

Managing 4 million trucks daily — $31 billion dollars in freight movement guides customers to profitability –Trimble

Predictive analytics reduces “Code Blue” across 2,000 rural Healthcare providers –Clearsense

Exceeding customer expectations by enabling a 360 degree analytics for reservations –Hilton

Managing sensitive patient data across precision medicine ensures security and HIPPA compliance –Johns Hopkins University

Ingesting 60TB data daily, from 30 unique sources, across 65M devices –Pinsight Media

Mitigating security risk & fines, across 20M records, ensures IFRS 15’s 99.9% daily accuracy –O2

Reducing DNA sequencing from days to hours — shortening patient diagnoses from 5 years to 8 weeks –Quanam

Real-time data analytics and insights optimize the booking and customer experience –

A scalable platform, growing 60% year over year, taking on large merchants and new markets –Klarna

As you can see, across every industry, we are seeing customers achieve incredible results. They are creating a better experience for their customers and in turn, they are positively impacting lives.

Join with us today, on CX Day, to celebrate these incredible achievements and the many more to come!

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