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November 07, 2018
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A Single View of Data is Aiding Warfighters’ Decision Making

Check out our recently published customer video! This video gives a look at how JIDO has been able to use data for equipping warfighters with the answers they need to make decisions on the battlefield.

The Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO) is a combat support organization of the U.S. Department of Defense. JIDO’s core mission is getting capabilities out to the warfighter in less than two years to fill critical gaps.

Gaining a Single View in the Public Sector

Public sector organizations are challenged with extracting actionable intelligence from data in various formats from many different sources. Their resource and budget constraints create an even greater challenge. With the Hortonworks Connected Data Platform, customers can turn their data into a competitive advantage at an affordable price.

Data plays a significant role for JIDO, helping to support and maintain safety of warfighters. Questions are answered by using data analytics to build a single view capability. This enables the warfighters to react in more informed ways.

An Easier Day-to-Day Process

JIDO was having to divert too much of its focus on day-to-day operations and maintaining the basic capabilities of the stack, which was distracting from building analytics to answer questions. The organization turned to Hortonworks and HDP for its Hadoop infrastructure, helping to lessen the workload of day-to-day operations.

Going with Hortonworks and HDP has helped reduce costs by 20% and bring in data from 1,000 data feeds from disparate sources. This gets the necessary data out to the warfighter in a more efficient manner, equipping them with the answers they need to make the right decisions on the battlefield. By gaining a single view of the organization’s data, lives are being saved.

“What we found was that we were spending more of our time just maintaining the stack together. Going with Hortonworks has taken some of that work that we’d been doing, from a day-to-day operations and basic capability area, knocking our costs down by 20%.” -Leo Garciga, Chief Technology Officer

By putting a modern data architecture into place, JIDO is achieving significant results. Efficiency has increased, costs have been reduced, and everyone is able to make more informed decisions – driven by data.

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