Using Big Data to Create and Deliver Optimum Shopping Experiences


Retailers today have access to volumes of proprietary, public, and purchasable data as well as direct feedback from customers. This data, which is collected and recorded in many ways, can be tied to a unique ID, or it might be anonymous, structured, or unstructured.

By analyzing this growing “data lake,” retailers can better inform their merchandising strategy and produce a higher level of customer satisfaction for shoppers. With new solutions that automatically detect meaningful patterns in behavior, it is easier to provide an optimum customer experience.

Big data improves the shopping experience by helping you to:

  • Achieve more complete customer understanding
  • Keep in touch with customers more easily
  • Provide more relevant information to customers
  • Personalize more easily for seamless and differentiated customer experiences

Use this data to create a more accurate picture of customer behavior. Insights gained from the combined information allows retailers to develop relevant, personalized offers in hours, not weeks or months. Now it is easier than ever to adjust for controllable factors and utilize big-data analysis to reduce costs while driving customer engagement.

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