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Über das Ressourcencenter

Willkommen im Ressourcencenter. Hier finden Sie Links zu all den verschiedenen Ressourcen, die Ihnen auf Hortonworks.com zur Verfügung stehen.

15.August 2018

Catch a Hacker in Real Time: Live Visuals of Bots and Bad Guys

Cybersecurity today is a big data problem. There’s a ton of data landing on you faster than you can load, let alone search it. In order to make sense of it, we need to act on data-in-motion, use both machine learning, and the most advanced pattern recognition system on the planet: your SOC analysts. Advanced […]

14.August 2018

Powering the Future of Data: Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) for Govies

Public sector organizations face complex challenges managing their data. Technology is constantly moving forward, and with this forward motion come new data sources (the Internet of Things and sensor-enabled equipment, social network feeds, data warehouses, software-as-a-service, etc.) and data types (structured and unstructured, raw and processed). Today’s public sector IT leaders are finding that employing […]

9.August 2018

YARN Containerized Services in HDP3

Apache Hadoop YARN is the modern distributed operating system for big data applications. In Apache Hadoop 3.1.0, YARN added a service framework that supports long-running services. This new capability goes hand in hand with the recent improvements in YARN support for Docker containers, and together these features have made it significantly easier to bring new […]

2.August 2018


EFFECTIVELY LEVERAGING DATA-IN-MOTION WITHIN IOT It is a common misconception to think of cloud adoption as one of the core initiatives in a shift to a digital business platform when Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives are often of equal importance. With deployments nearly always stemming from business initiatives, IoT brings together various IT and data […]

19.July 2018

HDP 3.0 Sandbox is coming soon!

SIGN UP TO GET NOTIFIED The HDP 3.0 Sandbox provides a pre-configured, single node evaluation environment that you can use with your own data. HDP 3.0 delivers new capabilities for the enterprise to enable agile application deployment, new machine learning/deep learning workloads, real-time database, & security and governance. It is a key component of the […]

19.July 2018

Powering the Future of Data: Hortonworks DataFlow for Govies

Government agencies must be able to connect, collect, and curate data from a broad spectrum of connected yet disparate data sources – sensors, machines, geo-location devices, social feeds, server logs, and more. Massive and dynamically changing data streams generated by IoT and other systems must be able to ingest and process this information in a […]

18.July 2018

Developing a Data Strategy for IoT

A TDWI Pulse Report As companies develop new use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced IoT analytics, real-time collection of streaming data from sensors and other IoT devices is expected to grow 200% in the next few years. It’s a change that’s affecting both business and IT organizations, and existing IoT data […]

16.July 2018

RSR Report: The Omni-Channel Supply Chain’s Fulfillment Opportunity

Omni-Channel’s Relentless Progression The traditional retail operating model is based on a time-honored concept: consumers begin and end their shopping experiences in one place, usually the store. In the 1990’s, retailers built their e-commerce sites to emulate stores with the assumption that consumers would begin and end their shopping trip on that channel, just as […]

16.July 2018

Hortonworks Premier: Data Lifecycle Manager

Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) delivers on the promise of location-agnostic, secure replication — enabling data to be encapsulated and copied seamlessly across the physical private storage and public cloud environments for hybrid data mobility to enable right workload in the right environment for the right use case.   In this exclusive Premier Inside Out, you […]

13.July 2018

Big Data Insights for Big Real-Time Enterprise Security Protection

With the increase in data volumes and explosion in the number of devices, current cybersecurity tools are challenged in processing the millions of events and providing fast, reliable insights.   In this webinar, Matt Koehr, Solutions Engineer with Hortonworks, will discuss the capabilities of the Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform (HCP) from a public sector perspective, including: […]

11.July 2018

DeepIQ – Industrial Data Science with Hadoop Accelerators

DeepIQ is an industrial data science platform built over open source technologies distributed and supported by Hortonworks. Some of the world’s largest enterprises are leveraging DeepIQ to accelerate their data analytic initiatives by more than 10x and to realize ROI within the first year of their big data program.   In this LIVE presentation you […]

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@hortonworks: #Kafka’s Omnipresence has led to Kafka blindness - the enterprise’s struggle to monitor, troubleshoot and see whats… https://t.co/I7HfrtQP07

@hortonworks: The Fundamentals of #IoT Architecture. Register for our upcoming webinar where we'll examine #IoT communication,… https://t.co/FvVQkdnth1

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@hortonworks: HDP 3.0 Sandbox is COMING SOON! Sign up to get notified #faster #smarter #hybrid https://t.co/alAiv5MXWj

@hortonworks: HDP 3.0 Sandbox is COMING SOON! Sign up to get notified #faster #smarter #hybrid https://t.co/alAiv5MXWj

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@hortonworks: HDP 3.0 Sandbox is COMING SOON! Sign up to get notified #faster #smarter #hybrid https://t.co/alAiv64yNR https://t.co/9DZnb93XLy