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Business Intelligence und Analytics aus Big Data
für den öffentlichen Sektor und Behörden

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Die Arizona State University nutzt HDP® für innovative Forschungsprojekte

Die Arizona State University (ASU) ist die größte Universität der USA und wurde vom U.S. News & World Report zur „innovativsten Bildungseinrichtung Amerikas 2016“ gekürt. Im Rahmen der „Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative“ (oder CASI) hat die ASU einen genomischen Data Lake mit Petabytes genetischer Daten von Hunderten Einzelpersonen angelegt. So lässt sich besser erforschen, inwiefern sich jede einzelne Variation im Genom auf die Expression eines Krebsgens auswirken kann, wodurch wichtige Kenntnisse über potenziell lebensrettende Behandlungen erlangt werden.

Die Vorteile von Daten für den öffentlichen Sektor

Unternehmen im öffentlichen Sektor stehen vor der Herausforderung, Erkenntnisse für die Praxis aus Daten in zahlreichen Formaten aus vielen verschiedenen Quellen zu ziehen. Ihre Ressourcen- und Budgetbeschränkungen erschweren die Aufgabe zusätzlich. Mit der Hortonworks Connected-Data-Plattform können unsere Kunden aus ihren gesamten Daten zu einem tragbaren Preis Wettbewerbsvorteile erschließen.


Verwendung von Maschinen- und Sensordaten zur proaktiven Verwaltung öffentlicher Infrastrukturen

Metro Transit of St. Louis (MTL) operates the public transportation system for the St. Louis metropolitan region. Hortonworks Data Platform helps MTL meet their mission by storing and analyzing IoT data from the city’s Smart Buses, which helped the agency cut average cost per mile driven by its buses from $0.92 to $0.43. It achieved that cost reduction while simultaneously doubling the annual miles driven per bus. Hortonworks delivered the MTL solution in partnership with LHP Telematics, an industry leader in creating custom telematics solutions for connected vehicles in the heavy equipment OEM marketplace, transportation, service, and construction fleets. The combined solution is making MTL bus service more reliable–improving the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for metro buses by a factor of five, from four thousand to twenty-one thousand miles.

Similarly, a Department of Defense customer has turned to Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms to enable analytics and preventative maintenance on their fleet of aircraft. With HDP and HDF, the customer is able obtain predictive analytics and actionable intelligence on their platforms. In addition to reduced Total Cost of Ownership, realized results have included tangible improvements in lifecycle management, operational readiness, pilot safety, and supply management.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Optimization

The Enterprise Data Warehouse has become a standard component of enterprise data architectures. However, the complexity and volume of data has posed some interesting challenges to the efficiency of the existing EDW solution. Realizing the transformative potential of Big Data depends on an organization’s ability to manage complexity, while leveraging various and disparate new data sources such as social, web, IoT and more. The integration of these new data sources into the existing EDW system is often costly and incredibly complex.

Hortonworks Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization Solution is the industry’s only turnkey Hadoop-powered Business Intelligence (BI) solution. The EDW Optimization Solutions is powered by Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) and technology from partners Syncsort and AtScale. With the EDW Optimization Solution, Public Sector users can extend the value of existing EDW investments and overcome the challenges, risks and costs of introducing new solutions into legacy infrastructure.

The solution can be implemented rapidly, makes fast BI on Hadoop a reality and reduces cost by moving non-critical workloads off the EDW and leveraging the cost-effective archiving in Hadoop.

University Health Care

Difficult challenges and choices face today’s healthcare industry. Researchers, clinicians and administrators have to make important decisions – often without sufficient data. Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms (powered by Apache Hadoop and Apache NiFi) make healthcare data available and actionable.

By partnering with Hortonworks, researchers can access genomic data for new cancer treatments, physicians can monitor patient vitals and sensor data in real time, hospitals can reduce re-admittance rates, and universities can store medical research data forever.

Vermeidung von Betrug und Ausschuss

Explosive data growth has increased the complexity of government agencies attempting to detect fraud waste in abuse, while also efficiently accomplishing their missions. One federal agency with a large pool of beneficiaries turned to Apache Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform to discover fraudulent claims for benefits. The implementation reduced ETL processing from 9 hours to 1 hour, which allowed them to create new data models around fraud, waste and abuse. After significantly increasing the efficiency of their ETL process, the agency used the surplus processing time and resources to triple the data included in its daily processing. Because Hadoop is a “schema on read” system, rather than the traditional “schema on load” platform, the agency now plans to search additional legacy systems and include more upstream contextual data (such as social media and online content) in its analysis. All of this will make it easier to identify and stop fraud, waste, and abuse.

Smart Cities

With the continuing trend of the connected world and requisite big data needs comes big obstacles and even bigger opportunities. City, Local, and State Governments are challenged with establishing and managing an infrastructure built for connected technologies in an ‘Internet of Anything’ environment. These connected devices (sensors, smart meters, medical devices, road telemetry devices, fleet management sensors, emergency response devices, etc) will generate vast amounts of data that need to be processed in real-time to provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence. Additionally, storage and access of this data can provide historical insights and predictive analytics.

With Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms, Public Sector organizations can build a modern Data Analytics platform that is enterprise grade, highly scalable, and multi-tenant. Using Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF), the data from the various sensors and devices can be collected, aggregated, correlated, and processed in real-time and leveraged to perform a desired task. This data is then stored in the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) where large volumes of data at petabyte scale can be stored and processed on commodity hardware at much lower cost than traditional systems. Additional nodes can be added with ease to a cluster as the data demand increases.

Single View of a Resource

Whether a Soldier, a Student, or a Military Aircraft, Public Sector customers are overwhelmed with data from various sources and different formats that are often stored in siloed architectures and requiring unique applications and/or complex translations to simply view the data. Correlation of the data in these environments is both complicated and costly. In many instances these systems have no way of communicating.

With Hortonworks Connected Data Platform, Public Sector customers can build an Analytics Data Platform that enables a Single View capability of both Data in Motion and Data at Rest. Real-time data from sensors and other sources (i.e., social media) is collected, logically correlated, and linked while in flight using Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF). Once collected and correlated, it is stored in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) where the unmodified data is retained indefinitely and used for future historical analysis and advanced analytics.

Single view of the resource is implemented and enabled through entity resolution. In this process, disparate pieces of data related to the resource are linked using attributes that are unique to respective resource, such as a serial number, tail number, student ID, or social security number.

Fallstudien unserer Kunden

Arizona State University
Arizona State University

Die Arizona State University (ASU) ist von der Anzahl der eingeschriebenen Studenten (83.000) und Fakultätsmitgliedern (3.300) her die größte öffentliche Universität der USA. Die vom Universitätsausschuss im Jahr 2014 genehmigte Satzung basiert auf dem Modell „New American University“, das von Michael M. Crow, dem Präsidenten der ASU, entwickelt wurde. Es definiert die ASU als „eine umfassende ...


The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is the private, non-profit organization managing the United States organ transplant system. UNOS brings together hundreds of hospitals, transplant centers, organ procurement professionals, and thousands of volunteers. The mission of UNOS is to advance organ availability and transplantation by uniting and supporting communities for the benefit of patients…

Die MITRE Corporation transformiert den Luftverkehr
Die MITRE Corporation transformiert den Luftverkehr

Die MITRE Corporation® ist ein nicht gewinnorientiertes Unternehmen, das mehrere staatlich geförderte Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentren (FFRDCs) betreibt. Eines dieser FFRDC ist das Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD), das dem öffentlichen Interesse durch Förderung der Sicherheit, des Schutzes, der Effektivität und der Effizienz der Luft- und Raumfahrt in den Vereinigten Staaten und weltweit dient. Änderungen des ...

Metro Transit – St. Louis
Metro Transit – St. Louis

Metro Transit of St. Louis (MTL) betreibt das öffentliche Nahverkehrsnetz in der Metropolregion St. Louis. Das Unternehmen beschreibt seine Mission als „Erfüllung der Verkehrsbedürfnisse der Region durch Bereitstellung sicherer, zuverlässiger, zugänglicher und kundenorientierter Dienstleistungen auf finanziell verantwortungsvolle Weise.“ Die Bewältigung der Herausforderung, einen sicheren und zuverlässigen Nahverkehr bereitzustellen, um die Sicherheit der …

UC Irvine Health
UC Irvine Health

UC Irvine Health vertraut auf Hadoop und die Hortonworks Data Platform, um den Klinikbetrieb und die wissenschaftliche Forschung an der medizinischen Fakultät zu verbessern. Das Team entwickelt derzeit einen quantifizierten medizinischen Ablauf, der die Anzahl der Wiederaufnahmen reduziert, neue Forschungsprojekte schneller realisierbar macht und die medizinischen Daten von Patienten auf Minutenbasis verfolgt. Eine Hadoop-Plattform für zwei unterschiedliche ...